Is love the drug with no danger of an overdose?

Into the wanderlust she goes to escape her mind, to find her soul.

This is a love story were life and wanderlust comes together. Love is beautiful it's free from verdict and it never convicts.

Perla is a warrior beautiful and elegant. Skilled at combat, conversation, diplomacy and etiquette. One day in search of adventure and perhaps love she sets out to explore the world. Soon enough she finds companionship with a handsome kind and for a while all is well. There is however a shadow on the horizon. Poison is creeping into the King’s soul and Perla attempts to save him but she finds that only once she’s travelled far enough to save herself. Could one that wanders be lost?


Follow Perla wanderlust adventures as she travels the globe, seeking healing, wellness and experiences a love diversion. On her travels discovers many types of feeling from unrequited, obsessive, selfish, lusty, romantic to unconditional love. Love edifies, it grips and makes even the harshest day worth live. Submitting to wanderlust it took her in a journey towards mindful and lived were she felt most alive.



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